My name is Angel. You can call me Sir. Are you ready to lose yourself?  

I am a multifaceted kinkster who has been in the lifestyle for over 20 years, with nearly 15 years of experience as a professional Dom. My initial BDSM education included studying under a variety of experts: 8 Doms, 3 dominatrixes and 2 sadists. Training with multiple professionals who utilized differing techniques allowed me to gain a broader and more knowledgeable picture of the craft and art of BDSM. Anything that a client experiences when working with me is something I have experienced myself! My educational journey never stops, as I continually learn other techniques and stay current with new trends.

I am very intuitive when it comes to reading and interpreting the verbal and non verbal cues of each person I work with. It allows me to become deeply intertwined with your mind, body and spirit, catering to your individuality. I am focused on being an mental and pleasure Dom and enjoy helping people learn more about themselves through BDSM. It is an honor and privilege to introduce you to the joys and benefits in a respectful, safe and knowledgeable way. I utilize impact play, sensory play, knife play, breath play, electricity and many other kinky treats. I work with those who are new to the lifestyle, experienced kinksters, as well as couples... always practicing my art safely with great respect and clear communication. I enjoy helping your wants, needs, fantasies and interests come to life. I educate individuals and couples through tastings--abbreviated BDSM sessions, longer private sessions, public performances and classes.

I identify as an Alpha Wolf because of my primal instincts. I do not have to be cocky or arrogant, but instead am subtle and precise in sessions. I use my in-depth BDSM as a form of therapy and healing to help people move on to the next level of their life, sexuality and openness. I am body positive, trauma-informed and I have experience working with people of all races and genders (Ages 21+).

I am always available for private sessions, parties and event bookings.