I am an educated professional Dom based in Colorado with a desire for the art of BDSM.   I am a spanking expert, a craft unique unlike others. I am constantly learning, studying, and perfecting my art. I will make some of your deepest desires and depraved fantasies come to life, no matter how vanilla or strange others may think they are. Let me guide you as your Dom, your Master, your Kink Obsessed Boss Man. Because you will be back…


If you are looking for something not listed below, please email me with your request.
Please note, I am an independent Dom, without any employees or dungeon providing equipment. TIPS are highly suggested.

1-1.5 Hour Sensory Massage Package
Deep Sensory Play with Sensory and Sensual & Tantric Massage
*Tips suggested 

1.5 Hour BDSM/Sensory Package
Submit and explore your deepest desires
*Tips suggested

2-2.5 Hour Professional Cuddling Package
A unique therapy that is more than just hugs. I listen, acknowledge and soothe a client using sensory and communicative skills. Studies have shown that cuddling and snuggling improves overall health, as it releases oxytocin--the feel good chemical.
*Tips suggested

4 Session Package
Four 90-minute sessions. Pay 50% up front and 50% upon completion of session 2. Package must be used in a 10-week period.
*Tips suggested

Cost of specific session you would prefer listed above + all travel costs*
Inquire with more details. Custom session lengths available.
*Tips suggested

Events image
I perform my BDSM craft at many public and private events.  Tastings are some of the best and kinkiest forms of entertainment.  

Pricing varies. For out of state events, you will cover the cost of travel expenses including gas to and from the venue, accommodations and expect me to arrive one day prior to the event. Inquire with more details. Custom Experiences available.
Stage Performances, Event Tastings, Private Events to fit all needs and audiences.

Entertainment Services
Have a special event coming up and need help with entertainment? I can help with organising, hiring and scheduling your entertainment for your event. Pricing for this service varies.  Inquire directly with me with details.  

classes/Training image


$1,000 for 12 sessions
$100 for a single class, per person or $175 for two people
Classes will run between 60-90 minutes
Payments made via Venmo, CashApp, Zello or cash only


Are you and your partner in a rut? Do you find it difficult to discuss your desires and fantasies? Do you have kinky fantasies and just never indulged in them? Is one partner active in the kink community and the other is not?


Are you interested in starting your training in the professional Dom/Dominatrix community? Do you have a desire to help others come into a sub space? inflict pain while giving pleasure?

Whether your are brand new to the world of kink, or experts, this program is tailored (with structure of course) and will help build an incredible connection through sexual desires and positivity.

There are many reasons people want to explore BDSM. For some it is a physical and sexual connection. For most, it is more the mental and psychological aspects. Sometimes there is no sex at all. BDSM is rooted in transparency, equality, safety, and trust. Once those are established, through my proper negotiation techniques, it creates for an environment where exploration is endless, and one in which a submissive can truly let go and fully submit.
This program will safely educate you on BDSM practices, enriching you with the tools, and empowering your inner deviant to explore as partners.

Open to couples and individuals of all genders 21+.


Consent, Negotiation, Safety, Boundaries & Limits, Aftercare
Kinks, Interests, and Desires
All BDSM play starts here. These conversations always occur prior to sessions, no matter how small or extreme the session is. This portion of the training will be done online through exercises and zoom.

Upon completion of the first part of the course, negotiations will be completed with a list of kinks, desires, fantasies, and intention from each partner. I will then assist the dominant in creating a scene, and curating two sessions together.

*Please note: For remote clients, I will work with you as best I can to see the actual space to assist with the scene creation. For local clients, based on client preference, I could physically come see the space prior to the scene.
**See optional in-person options below

Upon completion of each sessions, there will be three thirty-minute zoom debrief sessions. These debriefs, will be the couple together and individual debriefs. The will be six debrief calls in total. These check-in’s will allow for further questions, guidance, and in general, check-in to see how your progress is going.

There is the option to have me present during the two course sessions. If you are in another city, you would cover all travel costs, plus the additional fee. If you are local to Denver, we could use the space of your choice or both sessions could be hosting in my private dungeon.


Each couple (individuals will need to have a person with them willing to let them practice). will have uniquely curated training based on your fantasies, desires, and intentions. However, if you are looking for guidance, which is normal, here are some options. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather my specialties and passions.

Power Exchange
Spanking & Impact
Bondage & Restraint
Anal Training
Sensory Deprivation
Protocols & Rules
Knife Play
Vampire Gloves
Electricity Play
Professional Cuddling

Session policies

please read session policys before booking.

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